2013 “Shake Ridge Ranch” Petite Sirah- NEW RELEASE


2013 Aratas “Shake Ridge Ranch” Petite Sirah, an American Heritage Grape. (750ml) MRP $56

Winemaker Notes

Aratas 2013 “Shake Ridge Ranch” Petite Sirah is grown on the high ridge lands of the Sierra Foothills. This is Amador County’s most sought after vineyard.

Amador county is known for its hot dry climate but grower Ann Kraemer’s spectacular Shake Ridge Ranch ranch, an undulating property with 46 acres planted to vine at elevations climbing 1650′ to 1800’ feet above sea level. Just two small lots produce a coveted amount of Petite Sirah for Aratas Wine. Both clones were obtained through the UC Davis Foundation services. They are noted for their exceptional clone true to the varietal.
Planted at this elevation, the vineyard experiences as much as a 50 degree diurnal temperature swing, This shift intensifies the sugars in the fruit then drives the acid when temps drop precipitously fast after sunset. The pulp is dense and extremely concentrated. The unforgiving volcanic and granitic terrain is sprinkled with quartz and has dramatic slope ranging 10-28%; this sheds rain fall. The roots must dive deep to capture what they can thus, each tiny berry produced hangs rich and full flavored.

The entire ranch from which the Aratas 2013 “Shake Ridge Ranch” Petite is farmed in a sustainable manner. Ann has developed a fertilization program in tandem with the UC Davis fermentation sciences department that includes fish emulsion, chicken feathers and other stinky but healthy things. Organic compost is used sparingly to support natural growth. Cover crops are encouraged for erosion control and soil nutrition and methods are used to manage attacking pests with natural predators. Netting before harvest helps to prevent birds from making a feast of the grapes.

2013 was an exceptional year. The 2013 Shake Ridge Petite Sirah reflects a glorious year of consistent temperatures and methodical vineyard practices matched by diligent wine making methods.

Vineyard management is extremely laborious at Shake Ridge Ranch. Grower Ann Kramer’s management style requires each row be scrutinized vine by vine then then pruned just at the precipice of bud break. Ann embarks on pruning mid-March, later than our Napa vineyard would typically experience to protect in case of an early frost. The small berry Petite is oriented NE – SW to safely protect against burn yet maximizes exposure to ripening rays. The two lots of Petite are planted at varying elevations to take advantage of swells and crowns for temperature moderation. Just before Veraison the vines are fed by her team and any lagging clusters are thinned to give the remaining the additional energy boost they need to come to terms with the task at hand.

Aratas’ 2013 “Shake Ridge Ranch” Petite Sirah harvest commenced in the wee hours of October 10th as the temperature pendulum began to transfer its weight. Our harvest on Shake Ridge Ranch is performed only at night, by the light of headlamps and begins before sunrise so the grapes safely arrive in tact at the crash pad before the heat of the day.

100% Petite Sirah Root stock 101-14 / Clone PFS3 / Lots G & B-Lower
Hand harvest, Selectiv’ Vision Optical Sort, 5 day cold soak, aged 27 mos in 50% New Hungarian Oak
Bottled unfiltered and unfined on native yeasts. For more information visit www.arataswine.com/about-ps/
Harvest date Oct 10, 2013.

14.9% Alc./Vol.
Winemaker, Matt Sunseri
Grower, Ann Kraemer
Vintner, Stephanie Douglas

MRP $58 (750ml)  $150 (1.5L- limited)
250 Cases produced

92 Points ~ Wine Spectator
94 Points  “Double Gold” American Fine Wine Competition

CA residents: Gov’t WARNING: Drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine and other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk, and, during pregnancy can cause birth defects. For more information go to www.P65warnings.ca.gov/alcohol